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If you want to increase your sales and profitability, but don’t want the risk of an additional employee, we are your perfect solution.

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How I help you

In a perfect world, your small business would be efficient and profitable, and give you enough free time to make the most of your hard work. Unfortunately, very few of us live and work in paradise, so a little bit of DH Small Business Help might be just what you need.

My goal is to make the most out of you, your company and the added value you give. I’ll help you stand apart from the opposition, excite your prospects and overcome purchasing objections as soon as they come up. Between us, we can work out what matters most to you and help you make an immediate impact.

I offer friendly ear, a discerning eye and a business mind that won’t cost you a fortune.

I can help you:

  • Evaluate and optimise your sales and marketing methods.
  • Identify key decision makers and influencers.
  • Grow your sales funnel.
  • Highlight the additional value you offer.
  • Increase your visibility to prospects.
  • Promote yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Make the right decisions.

Show your value

Small businesses rarely highlight what makes them more appealing than their competitors. I find out what makes you different and show you how to make that clear to your prospects.

Independent advice

Running a business on your own can be a lonely experience, especially when there’s a decision to make. My goal is to help you make the best choices, so I advise without bias or favour.

Identify the target

To be successful, you need to identify the key person to speak to in an organisation. I can research your industry and help you get your message to the ultimate decision makers.

New methods

I have absorbed and successfully implemented sales and marketing systems that work. I show you how you can use these methods in your business.

Analyse and action

I analyse what you’re doing now to find out what brings you the most profit. I can then help you find ways to make your strategy even more efficient and profitable.

Be the expert

You know your product and solution inside out. I show you how to demonstrate your expertise to the world and become an authority in your field. I help you find the right platform to market your expertise, build trust and attract prospects.

Dave has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a remarkable ability to see things differently to most people. This and an efficient and friendly sales approach has led to a real boon for my business.
Chris Durham

Managing Director, Wireless Alert Solutions

We started our copywriting business in September 2017, and Dave has been a huge help. He’s shown us how to market our skills better and encouraged us to build our network and establish a good reputation in our field.
Joff Brown

Director, Anecdote UK

Dave quickly identified exactly what I needed in our free consultation and has helped me implement it. We’ve been successful already and the signs are there that his advice and help will grow the business in the way we want it to grow.
Richard Joyce

Managing Director, BFG Services

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