Diamond Hours are the time where someone makes a difference.

A school of thought determines that even the best marketing employees waste most of their working week. During the short period they are effective, they make a huge difference. We coined a term for this productive time – the Diamond Hours.

The research suggests little of their paid week is productive and only 20 per cent of their time is worthwhile.

If you think about your working week, it is probably perfectly true. How much of what you do could be done equally well by an apprentice or a casual worker?

Even the most productive employees will be inefficient most of the time and probably earn their corn for just three or four Diamond Hours a week.

Take a good £50,000 marketing employee working a 40-hour week. I know that’s quite a high salary for most small businesses, but 50,000 and 40 are round numbers and help me prove my point.

The probability is, she or he will provide one hour’s work at the same rate as a £500 hourly salary, three hours at £100, 25 hours at £8 and 11 hours where they might as well be working for nothing.

The truth is, for about 90 per cent of their working week, you could employ someone straight out of school to work as effectively. What they do in the other 10 per cent justifies the salary, though – making decisions, providing inspiration and optimising the company’s marketing outlay.


What I offer

I provide you with just the Diamond Hours. I do the £500 p/h and £100 p/h work for you, without you having to bother paying me for the 36 negligible hours. If you employ me for four hours at £35 per hour, you get £800 work for £140. The great thing is, if my output isn’t Diamond, you can sack me immediately. I’m confident in my ability to make a difference to you, though. Hopefully, we only part ways after I’ve made everything sparkle.

If you run a small business and want to pay a high-value rate for just the Diamond Hours, you can contact me here.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation without any obligation. This brief chat means we can determine whether we can work together and where I can help you most. Assuming we are compatible, I will provide a proposal to make a difference to you and your company.