Do you need more customers?

Of course you do. Even if you are maxed out with work, you can still look at replacing some of your less profitable customers with those who are willing to pay more. If you are completely busy, you must be extremely good at what you do, so maybe now is the time to start charging more for your products and services.

Below are five simple ways to attract more customers. None of them are rocket science but they are all worth considering.

  1. Does your website give the information that your customer wants to hear? Companies spend thousands of pounds on web design and are left with an attractive internet presence that offers very little. Use your website to talk to your customer and tell them that you have a solution for their problems. If you have any Unique Selling Points, point them out but also point out what your USP means to the reader. Make sure that the most important information is above the fold, the average time spent determining a website’s suitability is just three seconds before that back button is pressed.
  2. Discover your ideal customer. Analyse your existing customers and work out the main lines of business, the number of employees they have, the usual position of your best contact and what their purchasing procedure is. The internet is then a fantastic tool for identifying who to contact. LinkedIn, websites and Google will give you plenty of information.
  3. Gather information and use it. Even if you only have generic email addresses, they can still pay dividends. Send out a polite mail-shot. Don’t try to be salesy, just ask the recipient if they could possibly point you in the direction of the most suitable person, please. You’ll be surprised by how many responses you receive.
  4. Pick up the phone. So many business owners are scared to speak to prospects. They are just human. Be friendly, succinct and brief. If you have something that can improve their lives, you aren’t wasting their time. Try to control the conversation. “Thank you for taking my call. I’m just ring to see if you currently purchase or could be interested in X (of course they are, you’ve done your research). I’ll spare you the detail now but if I might send you an email, I can demonstrate how we provide value to our current customers. Thanks for that, I’ll give you a call next week to follow-up, if that’s okay?
  5. Use your quotations to sell. You have the interest of the customer, now is the time to set the agenda. Point out your strengths, make your differences to your competitors sound like things that the client will be unable to do without. Demonstrate that you know what the client needs. Power home the message that your solution will meet all their requirements. Reinforce the fact that you add maximum value. Most important of all, write it properly.

All simple solutions that you can either implement yourself or we can help you with. Dave Hall at DH Small Business Help and his associate, Joff Brown of Anecdote UK are experts in making your business work better for you. Please, just give us a call.