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What i Do Best

I can help you with your sales, marketing and time management.


I help you pick the lowest-hanging fruit, then build a platform to help you pick the rest of the tree.


Give me a shout – with a free consultancy, you have nothing to lose.

Adding value to your sales, marketing and time management.

You know your products or services better than I do, so what do I offer? ​

Like all business owners, you’ll already have plenty of things to do.

My job is to help you reduce the pressure you’re under, giving you more time to concentrate on what you do best. I offer advice to help you create a strategy that will attract more customers and promote you as a person to be respected and trusted in your field. ​


What I can do

To begin with, I look at what you’re currently doing with a fresh pair of eyes. I analyse the methods you use to entice prospects and what you do once they have expressed an interest. ​

I help you:

  • Identify ways in which you add value to your potential clients and how you let them know about it.
  • Determine who the decision makers are in your industry and devise a strategy to get you in front of them to demonstrate your value.
  • Investigate your most successful routes to market, help you clear the pathway and ensure the route to placing a purchase order with you is clearly signposted.
  • Frame your expertise in ways that demonstrate to your clients and prospects why you are the go-to authority in your field. ​

I also just offer an ear, listen to your problems and provide an intelligent, independent and empathetic response. Two heads are better than one, of course, and I have no wish to take a share of your profits.


How do I work?

The initial consultation is free. This includes a 30-minute conversation by phone or Skype. I then provide a summary of your requirements. I am also happy to sign a non-disclosure-agreement to keep your information safe. ​

Subsequent work will be charged at £35.00 per hour.

We will both know after the consultation if my expertise is of value to you. I guarantee every subsequent session will be worthwhile. There is no contract and no minimum term.

I acknowledge that my expertise as a sales, marketing and time consultant is not going to be suitable for every company. If you have thousands of pounds to throw at a marketing budget, there will be companies out there who have experts in every point of your business. I focus on achieving overall improvement, and have particular knowledge of the issues facing small businesses, having owned, worked for and been a consultant for various outfits.

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